How We Work

We test and optimise every step of the way, constantly fine-tuning and improving the results.

Everything is tailored specifically to your business - we don’t believe in selling you services you don’t need.

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  1. 01.planning

    •  Kick-off


      We get to know you, your business and your clients. You tell us about your needs, your challenges, your wish list, and we listen.

    • Assessment


      We look at your market, the perception of your brand, and what is known about your customers' behaviour and interests.

    • Strategy


      Based on what we now know, we put together clear objectives on what we want to achieve. This includes how we plan to get there, focusing on the specific channels that will bring you most ROI.

    • Research


      With your approval and input, we conduct research to futher inform the plan, offering insight and recommendations.

    • reviewAnalysis


      We analyse the research and recommendations being made in order to make sure our strategy is sound.

    • reviewProposal


      We release an official document containing an in-depth description of the service we will be supplying to you, and our role in monitoring and optimising it.

    • reviewInitial Concept

      Initial Concept

      We put together the intial draft of the browsing system

    • reviewWireframes


      Based on the latest UX thinking and research, the visual concept of the digital environment will be proposed.

  2. 02.content

    • sendingContent Guidelines

      Content Guidelines

      It is important to define the tone of voice and subject matter that will inform ongoing content creation. We agree with you a set of guidelines which can be used as reference for content generation going forward.


    • reviewLanding Page Design

      Landing Page Design

      Presentation of the design concept for the Landing Page will take into account visual, functional, and usability requirements as established in previous stages.

    • reviewInternal Page Design

      Internal Page Design

      The internal page design will build off the Landing Page concept in a way which optimises the user journey and maintains the same functional and visual aesthetic.

  4. 04.development

    • Encoding


      During Enconding, the interface developer will work jointly with the designer, the information architect and the user experience analyst to manage the project life cycle.

    • Validation


      Validation is all about quality control - we check consistency and stability every step of the way.

    • Publication


      Publication of the interactive project content with a management system in accordance with the schedule and process defined by you.

    • final reviewTesting


      We test on different platforms and browsers, making sure there are no bugs or inconsistencies.

  5. 05.launch

    • Optimisation


      Just before launch, we go through rigorous testing. This is where we tweak and fine-tune to make sure everything is working as efficiently as possible

    • SEO & Accessibility

      SEO & Accessibility

      Ready for launch, we make sure that everything is optimised for indexing by internet search engines and complies with international accessibility standards so that you achieve the highest page result possible on websites such as Google.

    • Launch


      We are GO!

  6. 06.monitoring

    • Analysis


      Following launch, we analyse the performance and efficiency of the actions we've set up. We present it back to you as a report where we offer our own insights and recommendations.

    • reviewOptimisation


      No launch is complete without a proper plan for further improvements based on analysis. We continue to fine-tune and tweak until we're happy that performance is optimal.