Pay Per Sale

Our Pay-Per-Sale model is based on the idea of ‘Performance Marketing’. If our marketing doesn’t perform, we don’t get paid.

This makes for the ideal scenario between us and you: we’re motivated because the more revenue we make you, the more we get paid. It’s the ultimate in accountability.

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Performance-based marketing

No monthly fees. No retainers. Only pay us for the money we make for you.

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How We Work

how we work

Performance-based Marketing is essentially Pay-Per-Sale, with benefits!

We offer our clients a model that only costs them per sale. This means that Aquare only thrives if you thrive, because our model is based on client success. What we focus on is lower volume, higher-quality leads, which means higher conversion rates and ultimately more sales,

Most marketing agencies get paid whether you make money or not. They charge an hourly rate, a monthly fee or a percentage of ad spend. The reason these models exist is because very few marketing agencies are willing to take the risk of not delivering. Not Aquare - we believe in our years of experience and have the confidence to put our money where our mouth is. Often our clients beat their all-time historical sales records within the first few months of working with us.

Our approach aligns us to the same goals as you with the same guaranteed return on your investment that we’ve been delivering for over 12 years.

Our Case Studies:

case studies

What We Add

what we add

The benefits of the Aquare performance-based marketing model

Becoming an Aquare client means you benefit from the following:

  • Time and Resources - eliminate the need to hire or manage people directly
  • Transparency - know exactly what you’re spending on each sale.
  • Expertise - get a team of veteran marketing specialists with a history of success.
  • Efficiency - we focus exclusively on activities and tactics that generate you revenue

In essence, what you get is the benefit of a team that would cost you more than seven figures on a full-time basis. And when we sign an agreement with you, we agree to take on all the costs, including set-up, development, content, creatives, technology and up to £100k per month in ad spend. That’s how confident we are that we can help you grow your revenue.

Rather put up your own capital? You could reduce the percentage split. If you’d prefer to provide the ad spend yourself, rather than us put up the funds, we can offer you the same paid-on-performance model with a lower percentage split.

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Our Reviews

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In order to qualify for the huge amount of time and focus we’re prepared to put into your business we ask that your company:

  • Is a established company that has been in business for at least 3 years
  • Is generating £1 million or more in annual revenue*
  • Has a sales cycle that on average lasts less than 60 days**
  • Has already used/is using digital advertising channels***

*Why? We need you to have a proven business model because we will be investing and putting our own capital at risk

**Our guarantee is only possible if we’re able to reinvest the money we make from generating sales back into more ads and services - which is why we only work with companies with a relatively short sales cycle

***We need to begin with an understanding of your digital acquisition costs using scalable channels like Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.

We also ask that, in addition, you are open to sharing a significant amount of information about the business itself, including the P&Ls and revenue sheets. This is so we can properly track and optimise the sales process.

If you like the sound of what we do, and it seems like you’re a good fit, then

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If not, we also offer a more traditional model, not based purely on sales, which will allow you to get the same expertise for a monthly flat fee

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